Viva NashVegas Tours

Tours:  Saturday mornings 10am-Noon &

"BYOB" Saturday Afternoons 3pm-5pm


All Aboard for Viva NashVegas Tours on the Muletown Mania Tours "Art" Bus!

The Viva NashVegas Radio Show has been called: "Waynes World Meets Hee Haw"!!!

Now our Viva NashVegas Tour on this here Art Bus is like "The Partridge Family Meets The Clampetts"!!!

"Think Globally Act HillBilly" Y'all!


Historical, Hysterical and a "Music City Hit Parade on Wheels"!!

Viva NashVegas Tours Director: Singer/Songwriter George Hamilton V is the son of Grand Old Opry Legend George Hamilton IV.  "George V" grew up backstage at the Grand Ole Opry and later performed on The Grand Old Opry as part of a Father/Son Duo with "George IV" for 30 years!


In 1962, Geoge Hamilton IV & his Legendary Songwriter Friend, John D. Loundermilk, originated the very FIRST Country Music Sightseeing Tour of Nashville, Tennesse aka "Music City USA". 

George V is continuing that tradition with this new and exciting Viva NashVegas Tour!

There's No place like "HonkyTonk Hollywood" Y'all and for afternoon tours we have a Bar on the bus so you can BYOB; there's Live Music with a "Music City HIT Parade", making Viva NashVegas Tours "A HonkyTonk on Wheels"!


We are excited to announce that several of George Hamilton V's Co-Stars on The Viva NashVegas Radio Show will be joining him on his Viva NashVegas Tours! 


Tour Director and "Picker & Singer": George Hamilton V


Born & Raised in "Music City USA", grew-up Backstage at The Grand Ole Opry.  He's a Singer/Songwriter, World Travelin' Troubadour and 30-year Veteran of The Grand Ole Opry! Since 2014, he's also toured Theaters annually across Great Britain, Narrating & Co-Starring in an acclaimed Musical about the Life & Times of Patsy Cline.

Band Leader & 'Human Drum Machine": Tom Comet


originally from Fort Worth Texas, has been an in-demand Nashville Recording Session & Touring Musician since his arrival in Music City!  He's toured the world with "George V" and believe it or not: Garth Brooks was once-upon-a-time an "opening act" for Tom's Band. "The Rockin' Rancheros"!

"HillBilly Chanteuse": Carol Ann Turney


originally from Hartselle, Alabama, came to Nashville to perform at "Opryland USA", where she was in several major Musical Productions, earning an Invitation to make a Guest Appearance at The Grand Ole Opry!  



Historic Raconteur & "Man of Constant Leisure", David Spaulding Jr.


Born in Nashville and  Raised in Franklin, Tennessee, has a renowned reputation as a "Professor" of Middle Tennessee Folklore!  He's a Walking, Talking Library of History and Tall Tales! And... David's NEVER met a Stranger!  

Your Viva NashVegas Tours "Crew" have been Performing Together on

The World-Famous "Viva! NashVegas® Radio Show" Live Stream TV Show since 2012. 

Special Guests on the Show have included: Brenda Lee, Bill Anderson, Lynn Anderson, Jeannie C. Riley, Riders In The Sky, Ron Block & Sierra Hull, Stella Parton, John D. Loudermilk & George Hamilton IV to name a few. 

You can visit The "Viva! NashVegas® Radio Show" YouTube Video Archives @ www.NashVegas.TV 

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