We currently have three buses!

1) A luxury Limo style bus that holds up to 30 people. Equipped with everything a true limo should have: luxury couch seating, sound system, LED lights, bluetooth capability, bar, restroom, handrails, cupholders, coffee station, heat and air conditioning, dual LED video screens, and even a handicap ramp.


2) A converted school bus "Art Bus" that seats up to 25 with semi-traditional bench seating (includes a couple of built in child booster seats); restroom, air conditioning, Karaoke sound system, LED video screen, cup holders, LED lighting and a fun a funky vibe to make your party memorable!


3) Our Patriotic bus is a converted military transport bus that holds 44 passengers, traditional bench seating; air conditioning, LED lights, Cool patriotic graphics and bluetooth speakers. Check out the links for inside and outside here: Inside of Bus  Outside of Bus